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ASUS INTRODUCTION: ASUS, Taiwanese multinational company blessed with one of the world 's top R&D teams, is well known for high-quality and innovative technology. As a leading provider of 3C (computers, communications and consumer electronics) total solutions, ASUS offers a complete product portfolio to compete in the new millennium. Corporate Vision: Imagine innovations that simplify our customers’ lives and enable them to realize their full potential. ASUS products represent the best that technology has to offer, providing outstanding performance and aesthetics that seamlessly accommodate all lifestyles, anytime, anywhere. Mission: ASUS has…show more content…
The Red Room provides a wonderful way to service the Queen‟s community, in a way that extends beyond simply student groups. 3. The Imaginus Poster Sale is a relatively reliable source of revenue, which meaningfully services the student body, while also creating an opportunity to collaborate with the Faculty of Engineering. Weaknesses: 1. Limited room for growth of new services due to other previously established AMS and faculty society services 2. Mediocre transitioning process and relatively rapid turnover among committees in the portfolio present a larger than necessary learning curve, which distracts from the efficient development of the following year‟s plans. 3. A lack of awareness for most of the services in the portfolio deters the full realization of our mission to offer services that enhance the student experience. Opportunities: 1. The anticipated closure of Empire Theatre on Princess St. allows for AMT to capitalize on a larger customer base that is now looking for an alternative. 2. Increasing awareness for the Red Room‟s availability as a rental space has proven itself in the number of bookings during summer months, even in the absence of promotion. This presents opportunities to increase overall ASUS awareness, and find new ways to generate revenuecrest bundles. 3. The International Programs Office‟s

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