Attachment Theory and Partnership Model

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Describe how partnerships with carers are developed and sustained in own work setting A partnership model work around a theory of collaboration, understanding and and communication. It’s a way that helps to recognise how the best outcomes can happen for children when care, development and learning provision/a setting , a cooperatively together. A partnership model looks like this: Identifying needs via a partnership /mullet agency document can happen though the pre CAF assessment check list and CAF common assessment framework which is shared with appropriate agencies. Alongside the aims of home nation’s early year framework –eg England’s eyfs, Wales’ foundation phase, NI foundation stage or Scotland’s prebrith-3 &curriculum…show more content…
-- Understanding equal opportunity, equality & inclusion in participation whilst this is a practice approach that may be extended to all it may not be taken up by individuals in the same way. In possible contrast maybe, to the view as to how behaviourist theory relates to positive reinforcement - operant conditioning that may be exerted over children 's choice/motivation to participate, knowing that the less pressure adults feel exposed and obligated to, the more likely it is that they 'll feel free and welcomed in taking part where and when they are able to. Evaluation methods eg. Feedback, survey and sensitive questionnaires can help identify areas a setting does well in, those for further investigation and aspects of provision that individuals enjoy being part of or can see a way to suggest improvement in. Breaking/breaching confidentiality in a partnership model can cause mistrust & impact negatively on the effectiveness of future engagement –oral’ paper 7 electronically kept information data protection act If it helps there is guidance that supports further research on pages 164 and 221+ of the Heinemann level 3 handbook Parental rights on direct gov and the children 's act 1989 Howard Gardner 's multi
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