Auschwitz : A Concentration Camp

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Auschwitz was one of the formal military base. Auschwitz was one of the largest military base. All of the Concentration camps had held Jews, prisoners, and children also Nazi’s enemies. The amount estimated to be in Auschwitz was about 1.1 million people. About 50% of the people of 1.1 million were children.

Auschwitz was a large Concentration camp out of three other camps. The three concentration camps are located in Poland in a town called Oswiecim. Auschwitz was not just Jews there was children, a their families too. Auschwitz leader was Rudolf Hoss. “During WWII more than 1 million people, by some accounts, lost their at Auschwitz.
In January 1945, with a soviet army approaching Nazi officials ordered the camp abandoned and sent an estimated 60,000 prisoners on a forced march to other locations” (A+E_Networks). Unlike concentration camps, which had existed in Germany since 1933 and were detention centers for Jews, political prisoners and other perceived enemies of the Nazi state, death camps existed for the sole purpose of killing Jews and other “undesirables,” in what became known as the Holocaust” (A+E_Netowkrs_). All prisoners were assigned a job some were put to work in gas chambers and others to slave labor, some had to work in the medical industry. After the start of WWI ,WWII Adolf Hitler implemented a policy that is…
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