Australian Way Of Life Essay

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A lot of articles these days tell us all about the problems with our housing market, but none of them offer any solutions. It's about time the people of Australia knew what the government, real estate experts, and fellow Aussies think about our housing market. It’s about time we knew how to fix this problem, instead of repeatedly being told how bad it’s getting. Aussies are concerned about the housing market, and rightfully so, as one in five struggle to keep up with housing payments. In fact, surveys show 70% of people are concerned they'll never own a home in their lifetime and 80% reckon prices will keep rising in the future. Despite this, 3 quarters of Aussies still believe owning a home to be part of “The Australian Way Of Life.” Just…show more content…
Traditional middle-ring suburbs are the logical place to improve density, but governments have to make sure they don't disrupt local communities. Mr Sukkar, who's portfolio includes housing affordability, said this is because “people have quite rightly bought in a suburb, partly because of the character of that suburb and they don't want it to change.” This is why local government provides resistance to density increase. The Victorian Government is facing stiff opposition over a $185 million plan to renew public housing estates. The Boroondara local council is an example of this, fighting a plan to redevelop a site at Bills St, Hawthorn with four-hundred units and towers up to twelve storeys high. Mr Sukkar concluded that the best approach is to increase density near train and tram routes to take pressure off traditional suburbs. He also urged governments to unlock more surplus land for housing. There is no simple solution to our housing affordability problem, but it’s in our government’s hands to do something. I urge them to make some moves to make housing affordable. If this is too much to ask for them, then we should bring in a government that's up to the
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