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A literature review of several awarding body Guidance to Centre’s reveal that there is a regularly occurring set of practical functions of the EQA function. Whilst the semantics differ, the essential functions of the EQA process remain consistent.

This set of functions of and EQA found on the Ascentis Website (2016) is a comprehensive overview of the functions.

 A review of the centre’s management of the accredited provision

 The levels of resources to support the delivery of the qualification, including both physical resources and staffing

 Ensuring the centre is using appropriate assessment methods and making appropriate assessment decisions according to Ascentis’ requirements

 Ensuring the centre has appropriate internal quality assurance arrangements as outlined within the relevant qualification specification

 Checking that the centre is using appropriate administrative arrangements to support the function of delivery and assessment External Verifiers will usually do this through discussion with the centre management team; assessment and Internal Quality Assurance staff; verifying a sample of learners’ evidence; talking to learners, reviewing relevant centre documentation and systems.

 Staff development, including guidance and support for assessors and internal quality assurance staff as part of an external verification visit or as a bespoke session for centres.

Gravells A (2015) in her Handout E9009 (V2) States that “The cycle will continue to…

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