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BA323 exam

Chapter 1 Review Questions

1. How would you define “organization development”?
Answer: Organization development is a series of planned behavioral science intervention activities with the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of the system and developing the potential of all individual members. OD efforts are planned, systematic approaches to change that are carried out in collaboration with organization members to help find improved ways of working together toward individual and organizational goals.

2. How does OD differ from a single-change technique such as management training?
Answer: OD represents a systems approach that is concerned with the interrelationship of various divisions, departments, groups, and …show more content…

Change leader - a person responsible for change in an organization.

Client - the person or organization that is being assisted.

Creative individualism - questioning of peripheral norms, accepting of pivotal norms.

External practitioner - a person from outside the organization who serves as a resource for change.

Internal practitioner - an internal resource for change, such as a manager or other member of the organization.

Norms - the organized and shared ideas regarding what members should do and feel, how this behavior should be regulated, and what sanctions should be applied.

Organization culture - a system of shared meanings, including language, dress, values, norms, and attitudes of an organization.

Organization development - planned strategy to bring about change.

OD practitioner - the people using, advocating, and assisting others to implement OD.

OD specialist - professionals that have specialized and trained in organization development and related areas such as organization behavior, applied social sciences, interpersonal communications, and decision making.

Peripheral norms - norms that support and contribute to the pivotal norms but that are not essential to the organization’s objectives.

Pivotal norms - norms essential to an organization’s objectives.

Psychological contract - expectations between an individual and an organization.

Socialization - process of an individual

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