Bandura 's Theory Of The Social Learning Theory

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Dr. Albert Bandura, who is the creator of the social learning theory, suggest that individuals learn by examining others. Bandura’s theory is conceivably one of the most instrumental theory regarding learning and development. Bandura’s approach to the social learning theory is that we learn by observing and modeling the actions of those who are close to us. Bandura also suggested that our internal feelings and perceptions helps us to learn through our cognitive behavior. Social learning additionally shows that individuals can learn new material without exhibiting new behaviors. In order for social learning to be successful, observed behaviors must be successfully absorbed. The observer must be attentive so that they can learn. It they are distracted, the observational learning will be unsuccessful. The observer must also be able to retain the information they have observed. The need to recall observed behavior is essential for social learning. If the observer has paid attention and retained the material, they should be able to act out what they observed. A familiar example of the social learning theory that is common to all is observing commercial advertisements. If the advertisement demonstrates that a particular food item is mouthwatering and delicious, it will make the observer more inapt to buy the item if they were attentive and retained the information. Children who are abused absorb abusive behavior through the social learning theory which is carried into adulthood.
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