Barriers in Imc

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University of Westminster “Integrated marketing communications are far from reality in most companies. A number of strong barriers prevent IMC from being implemented quickly and efficiently.”- De Pelsmacker Managing Marketing Communications 2011 Introduction Integrated Marketing Communications, (IMC) has been one of the major communications developments in the last decade of the 20th century (Kitchen & Schultz 1999, 2000) It is regarded as a fundamental paradigm shift in the thinking and practice of marketing communications. Although marketing communications has been used as the umbrella term to group various communication functions, it is IMC that brings strategic integration to these functional areas, to reach consumers…show more content…
Research has confirmed the link between increased integrated marketing communications and increased sales, share and profit (Marketing week 2002a). IMC does not only imply uniformity of communications. While a single theme has to commend, it is perfectly feasible to consider the integration of disparate approaches and messages targeted at a variety of A message targeted to the employees will be different to a message targeted to the shareholders. Some other benefits of IMC (Linton and Morley, 1995) are listed below:           Creative integrity Consistent messages Unbiased marketing recommendations Better use of media Greater marketing precision Operational efficiency Cost savings High-calibre consistent service Easier working relations Greater agency accountability While, most companies try and seek these benefits and adopt IMC, they are not always achieved because of difficulties and barriers to achieve them. Some of these benefits have much to do with quality and ability of personnel involved as they have to do with integration. It is true that truly integrated marketing communication is an exception, rather than a rule. 5 Barriers and Obstacles “A lack of IMC, the lack of co-ordinated communications planning & delivery of a consistent message, could lead to multiple portrayals of a brand in the market, even if the brand positioning is the
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