Based On The Reality Television, The Current President

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Based on the Reality Television, the current president and CEO of the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, John Fuller, occupied this position since 2014. The company has 1100 stores, operates in 30 countries, has stores in 14 States in the U.S.A, and 15,000 employees. John Fuller went undercover as Mick. The founder of the company Herbert B. Hyman began the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in 1963 with a commitment to excellence and quality (Newman, 2006). This company is guided by principles of friendliness, respect, ownership, teamwork, honesty (FRONT) ( According to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf website (, a coffee retailer was founded in Los Angeles, California in September 1963. It offers a…show more content…
Managers link the supervisors with the CEO because they are between the CEO and the supervisors. Managers interpret the goals/objectives from the CEO to the supervisors. Then the supervisors monitor the daily performance of subordinates. The command flows downward and the feedback goes up the chain. The Theory that the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf operates under Currently, the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf operates under the Quality Management Theory/Total Quality Management. For total quality management to succeed, it involves all stakeholders such as, management, workers, suppliers, and even feedback from the customers to meet or exceed customer expectations (Hill and Jones, 2014; Tompkins, 2005). Furthermore, total quality management empowers employees to ascertain means to remove factors that damage high quality (Tompkins, 2005). Deming provides a Plan, Do, Check, and Act cycle, which makes total quality Management a full process and provides a continuous improvement of product or service (Tompkins, 2005). The theory provides several principles, which include; customer driven/focus, continuous improvement, employee empowerment, use of quality tools, product design, process management, and managing supplier quality (Tompkins, 2005). The theory was selected because, among these principles, the company undermines one significant principle, which is employee empowerment. The company focuses more on the customers and quality of its products and
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