Bauer Performance Sports Ltd.

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Bauer Performance Sports Ltd. is a company based out of Exeter, New Hampshire that produces ice hockey equipment, fitness and recreational skates, and apparel. They are best known for their skates but after acquiring multiple companies they have expanded into manufacturing wide range of equipment from skates to hockey sticks. The company has expanded to new levels and now has the face of many NHL stars to represent their brand. For an athlete to stay relevant in their sport they have to adapt and get better year after year. It is the same for a worker, once they are not up to date on everything they need to know they became more of a liability for the company. This is because they are not as efficient as another work who would be up to date and could replace them. This is the same for manufactures of products, the product they are selling must be the best or top of the line so that it is appealing to the consumers. Another big part of issues manufactures have is that they need to have more than one version of the product. When marketing to a large number of consumers the product has to be the most appeal one on the shelf and in their price range. Bauer has to maintain a product line that will be affordable to a player who is trying a sports for his first time all the way up to the professional players. Bauer was founded in 1927 in the town of Kitchener, Ontario. They changed hockey skates forever when they developed the first skate with the blade attached. In

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