Essay about Becoming a Leader in High School

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‘’Leadership consists not in degrees of technique but in traits of character; it requires moral
Rather than athletic or intellectual effort, and it imposes on both leader and follower alike the
Burdens of self-restraint’’ – quoted by Lewis H. Lapham

As you embark on your journey towards becoming a freshman in high school, choosing and adjusting to new people can sometimes be very tedious task. Try to become a leader rather than a follower and working to achieve this goal can play a principal role in the early days of your experience. Finding yourself becoming a member of the wrong crowd can seriously alter your potential and lead you down the wrong path. I understand that no one desires to be that one person that sticks out like a …show more content…

Our attitude however did not change. I had no respect for anybody. To fulfill my role as a class clown i would try to disrespect my teachers any chance i received, just to get the other students to laugh. I had no remorse for i was the center of attention. Attention fueled me, which I ended up regretting because i was never taken seriously. I literally have broken every rule that the school was trying to enforce. As a matter of fact because of my behavioral conduct I was placed on behavior probation for half the time I was there. That was a major factor which contributed to me not being a part of my graduating class. This was a major disappointment for not only me but my entire family. Everyone at that moment lost all interest and thought I wouldn’t change. This was a major factor which affected me and let me realize I had to change.

Apart from my atrocious behavior and actions the best part of my academic experience was with my ninth grade mathematics class. It was the best of my other classes, all because of the teacher, Mrs. Davis. I was never a fan of mathematics, but I really admired the way she could break down the questions which seemed like rocket science and make them as easy as ‘’123 ’’. I was always so fascinated by the way she was willing to help at any moment if anyone had any problems. She was a great teacher and I hope to meet her again someday.
Being a leader rather than following will only impact your life righteously. Its gives you full

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