Essay about Behavioral Problems in Early Childhood

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Behavioral Problems in Early Childhood

Early childhood behavioral problems is are a complex issue and there are many important aspects to consider when discussing this unique age group. The following is a broad review of the research on the subject. Included is an overview of the topic, as well as a review and discussion of risk factors, assessment methods, and intervention strategies. It is also discussed that further research must be done in order to provide better assessment techniques and treatment procedures for young children with behavioral issues.

Behavioral Problems in Early Childhood

Early childhood behavior has long been a subject of interest among psychologists as well as professionals in other
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The results of these two studies strongly suggest that the family system has a profound effect on the behavior of young children, and that conflicts within the family are a risk factor for behavioral problems.

Research also suggests that economical issues are considered a risk factor in regards to early childhood behavioral problems. One study suggests that children who reside in lower-income communities tend to have a higher chance of having disruptive behavior disorder symptomssymptoms of … (Keenan & Wakschlag, 2001). Another study that reviews the literature on the topic provides similar findings that children from low -socioeconomic backgrounds have a higher chanceprobability of developing behavioral problems (Huaqing & Kaser, 2003). Furthermore, a study conducted by Winslow and Shaw proveresearch doesn’t prove anything that boys lower class neighborhoods are more at- risk for behavioral problems before entering elementary school.

Problems with Assessment
Questions have arisen regarding whether or not young children can be accurately assessed for behavioral issues. As stated earlier, it is often difficult to determine whether a child is portraying behavioral problems, since many behavioral outbursts are apart of the development process in young children. Keenan and Wakschlag’s (2002) overview of early childhood diagnosis tries to answer that
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