Benefits Of A Childbirth Plan

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Having a childbirth plan can seem easy, but is it really? All women have different experiences with their labor. There are many options for expecting mothers: vaginal, natural, scheduled cesarean, unplanned cesarean, VBAC, and scheduled induction. These options are don’t always happen as they’re planned, but are necessary. The birthing plan depends what the mother is comfortable with. Before any labor happens,the amniotic sac will most likely rupture before the baby is born. This is usually called water breaking. Contractions should usually start at this time. Contractions are the tightening and releasing of the uterus. This is helping your body prepare for the birth. The cervix is under a change as well, by dilating for the baby to be delivered. The cervical opening needs to reach 10cm for the baby to pass through the birth canal. Having a Vaginal birth is unique for each mother and baby. Some choose to have the delivery without pain management. This mother will most likely experience pain and pressure. If a mother chooses to have an epidural, pain management, the medication deadens nerves so you can’t feel anything. The mother may feel some slight pressure, but not much. The baby starts passing through the cervix and the baby starts entering the vagina. The muscles stretch, the mother may feel a burning sensation some call this the ‘ring of fire’. This is because the mother’s tissues are stretching around the baby’s head. As the head emerges the pressure will release.
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