Benefits Of A University College

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University colleges create a seamless transition between one point in life (typically high school) and another (the collegiate academic environment). Students should feel higher levels of attachment to the institution, their faculty, fellow students, and the learning environment because the institution is investing into a model of student-centered ideas and actions. More importantly, such student-centered decisions are linked to educationally purposeful activities that affect student engagement. To determine the effectiveness of a university college, an institution can utilize the CSR to ask students about their undergraduate student experiences. Thus, the institution has information to develop a picture of the institution’s quality.
According to Diane W. Strommer (1993) almost no research existed when The National Resource Center for The Freshman Year Experience published the Number 12 Monograph, Portals of Entry: University Colleges and Undergraduate Divisions. Yet, today, the first-year college concept is almost seventy years old. Moreover, most research conducted on university colleges or other structured first-year programs are done so for internal institutional needs, rather than for mass publication. The research base is limited to small institutional unit assessments and the occasional descriptive monograph. However, information does exist describing the basic impact university colleges have had as well as how some institutions utilize those structures in the
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