Biography Of Frederick Irving Herzberg 's Theory Of Job Satisfaction

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Frederick Irving Herzberg was an American Psychologist who made a great contribution in the field of Business Management. He published a number of books including One More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees, Motivation to Work, and Work and the Nature of Man. He also proposed the Motivator- Hygiene Theory, which is also widely known as the Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory of job satisfaction in 1959. This paper is a review of his article One More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees? , which is the second article to be published in the volume ‘On Managing People’ in 1968 (Herzberg, 1959). In this article, Frederick examines the Kick in the Ass Motivator (KITAs). According to Herzberg, there is always a surest way of making somebody to do something, what he referred to as the KITA. He reports that both physical and psychological KITAs determine job satisfaction. There are 3 forms of KITAs, which include the negative physical KITA, negative psychological KITA, and the positive KITA. A boss who applies measures such as always walking around the worker as a way of ensuring he/she works can be said to be applying a negative physical KITA. Another psychological KITA is where a manager uses psychological measures to push the worker to deliver. In this case, the employee can hardly complain since there is no tangible evidence of attacks (Perry, Mesch, & Paarlberg, 2006). However, no matter how many times the negative KITAs are used, they do not lead to employee motivation. A positive

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