Bioinformatics Knowledge Management Systems Essay

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Bioinformatics and Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) themselves are very broad and complex topics. Combining the two topics together creates a very specific yet still open subject. Many other people have discussed KMS within specific sub-areas of the Bioinformatics field but none talk at length about the Bioinformatics KMS (BKMS) as a whole. In this paper I will evaluate KMS based on my research and critiques in hopes to build a better KMS with specific tools so that I can not only present a good idea of the topic but I can also propose new ideas. The aim of doing this is to talk about the USD Bioinformatics team and how this area was researched, developed, and in the future, implemented into our own system. With these goals in mind, this team hopes to make a bigger impact by integrating a good BKMS into their website.

1.0 Introduction

The topic of Bioinformatics and Knowledge Management (KM) and KMS are becoming more popular as time goes on. The rise of Bioinformatics resulted from the influx of genetic information available (Luscombe, Greenbaum, & Gerstein, 2001). With this vast amount of biological data, scientists needed to be able to manage this data for organizational and retrieval purposes. With the rise of Bioinformatics, along the same time frame we see the rise of Knowledge Management Systems (Gallupe, 2000) and from this we can infer that they are related. This is what gave rise to what we know now as the BKMS which is a system for managing knowledge…