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Wouldn’t it be amazing if people could grow crops and plants where they have never been able to before? Biotech seeds are making it possible. With scientist and biologist working on the genetics of seeds to make it where plants and crops can do amazing things. There are many different types of the seeds, they are all have special names to classify what they do. The crops are now able to produce more grain when they grow which create better yields. Weather effects on the crops will be decreased because they can now grow stronger and better to withstand harsh weather conditions . Bacteria and fungi can break down a crop and make it useless not growing any grain, making the crop sick, or dead. With improved seed methods they can make the …show more content…

Crops such as corn, wheat, and soybeans, these are just a few of the many grains that can have potential to grow more and produce more. The sale of crops with higher yields have potential of making farmers 12-15% more profit from those crops. More grain means more food or feed for animals and more means better. Furthermore, Grain producers are all over the United States and there are different weather conditions. Scientist and biologist have now affected the hormones of crops making them able to withstand harsh conditions in the United States, and the World. Weather conditions that can affect crops damaging the crop intensely or killing it. “A gene is modified so it can withstand weather conditions like; drought, heat, frost, acid or salty soil,” (Nuffield Council, 6). With weather changing every year, a crop that can withstand these changing climates is needed. Hybrid seeds (another form of biotechnology seeds) such as super sweet corn can be grown in areas with very high or very low elevations. Less weather damages, then less farmers will be affected with a crop loss. Enzymes are worked to make the crop more tolerable to harsh weather conditions. Continuation, Bugs and insects feed off of crops and plants which most of the time have devastating effects of the plants. Evolutionized plants so that they can fight insects and fungus. Scientist can make a crop that is

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