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Novel Blend
…..Drink Good Coffee…..Read Good Books

Executive Summary 3
Business Concept 4
Situation Analysis 5
Operating plan 7
Marketing Plan 8
Financial Strategy 9
Start-Up Costs 9
Operating Expenses and Break-Even Analysis 10
Sources of Funding 11
Long-Term Goals 12

Novel Blend
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Novel Blend plans to become a daily necessity for local book and coffee addicts in Magnolia, Arkansas. The shop will benefit from its location near Southern Arkansas University which will build repeat customers from students, faculty, and visitors to the campus. Novel Blend will be a convenient place to go meet up with friends, read a book, and escape from the stresses of school or work. But if you have a ton of work to get done, Novel Blend will be an ideal setting to access Wi-Fi, charge electronics and a comfortable setting to get work done. While Novel Blend is conveniently within walking distance of the university; its location on North Jackson will offer anyone the best coffee in the area, complemented with daily food specialties, as well as a varied book selection to peruse. The company will operate a 2,200-square foot bookstore and café in close vicinity of Southern Arkansas University. The owners have provided $60,000 of the required $100,500 start-up funds and secured a location with a three-year lease and option for extending. The company’s intent is to bring a big city feel café and bookstore that out of

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