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BMW presentation Marketing Planning Week 3 What are the pros and cons to BMW’s selective target marketing? What has the firm done well over the years and where could it improve? * Reaches a small percentage of a target market has financial fluctuation, more consumers segment lower than others * Market too small fluctuate when there is an economic downturn * Know what the general weaknesses restricts its ability to sell to a wide range of the population more specific segment of the population * Could be considered a con overall the pros far outweigh the cons * Review all of BMWs pros and cons of target marketing * Find a place where they can improve * General pros and cons that can arise from target…show more content…
* Direct targeting Selective marketing enables your business to filter out those customers within a certain segment that your product or service caters to the most. Based on their demographics, interests or previous search history, your business can directly target them and make sure they are exposed to your message of performance luxury whatever * Tailored messages When you can target your audience directly, it is important to have tailored and strategic messages to those you believe are more likely to engage with your marketing efforts and overall brand. When your business knows so much about your target audience, why spend money trying to cover every potential audience without even knowing if they will actually care about your business? * Leads, loyalty and word of mouth Selective marketing not only helps you generate more quality leads, it also helps increase the loyalty of your existing customers and inspires people to spread the word about your business and what it is you do * Friends of friends Selective marketing on social media also allows you to reach out to people who are friends with your fan base. On Facebook for instance, you are now able to target your advertisements to people who are friends with the people who already “like” your page. This again increases your chances to reach a new audience of who may also be interested in your business. Could try and reach out on Facebook * * Selective marketing offers new opportunities

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