Boca Electronics, Inc.

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Boca Electronics, LLC Boca Electronics, a manufacturer of semiconductor components, has had some downfalls in the economy and the way it operate its business (Sanders, 2012). The company is looking to implement a new ERP system that will improve its business functions in order to achieve success and avoid more slowdowns. The company considers that the new ERP system is a risky investment (Sanders, 2012). However, regardless of its cost, if the ERP system is integrate it, it will improve the purchasing department functions, the accounting department process for cash flows, and the overall communication and information sharing. Case Study Summary Boca electronics is a manufacturer of semiconductor components established in Houston, Texas in 2002 after spinning off its parent company, Vissay, Inc. (Sanders, 2012). Boca Electronic had a solid costumer base as well as strong sales with some major firms such as IBM, Compaq, and Motorola (Sanders, 2012). Their main products were microprocessor, LEDs, and suppressors; its operations system was inherited by its parent company to perform many business functions. Lately, the company is facing some critical issues with economic slowdowns and competition, which it forced the company to look into its business operations in order to identify the next step towards progress (Sanders, 2012). Ron Butler is the purchasing manager, responsible for the ordering of raw materials and distribution deadlines. Ron used his own forecast software

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