Boeing Company Swot Analysis

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Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group: Decision 2001 I. Current Situation A. Financial Performance – During the past five years, revenues continued to increase, but organizational difficulties caused erratic profitability and due to the engineer 's strike, it had come downhill in 2000. B. Strategic Posture 1. Mission-Vision – For people to work together as a global enterprise for aerospace leadership. 2. Objectives – The Company wants to dominate the world 's aircraft market as it once used to. 3. Strategies –Boeing want to run a healthy core business by leveraging strengths through new products and services and by means of opening up new frontiers. II. Strategic Managers A. Board – The board is comprised of twelve members.…show more content…
4. Operations and Logistics – The Company not only manufactures airplanes but also provides services such as airplane modification and engineering support. This helps out increase its revenue. 5. Human Resources - Boeing employs more than 150,000 people across the United States and in 70 countries. This represents one of the most diverse, talented and innovative workforces anywhere. On 2000, the union organized a strike lead by its engineers which caused losses for the company. 6. Information Systems – Through their efficient technology, most of their planes have a low operating cost which increases the profitability of the company. This technology gives a lot of boost with the research and development done by the company in providing a much better version of their product or even a new plane. Internal Factor Analysis Summary Internal Factors Weight Rating Weighted Score Comments Strength Efficient technology 0.25 4.00 1.00 Advanced technology Employee relations 0.1 4.50 0.45 Skilled and talented workers Profitability 0.1 3.00 0.30 High Revenue Weaknesses Erratic Profitability 0.15 3.50 0.53 Due to delays and cancellation High employee turnover 0.15 4.50 0.68 Due to strikes Low production Output 0.25 5.00 1.25 Takes time Total Score 1.00 2.95 D. Summary of Internal Factors As of today, having an advanced and very efficient technology will surely
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