Brainard Bennis And Farrell

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Situation Analysis_Brainard, Bennis & Farrell.
The problem that needs to be solved here is the seniority versus performance issue based on the current points system.
Seniority system:
Existence of this system gives the partners the assurance of economic security when they are nearing retirement age, which they believe they deserve, because they have played a major role in building this firm. This, also, ensures stability in the work culture. (See exhibit 2).
Performance system:
The young partners are more inclined towards making fast money and profits and this system supports their interests, as they are solely judged on their individual contribution, in terms of hours worked and the quality of work done. Therefore, this
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Create a consensus value, which would include: 1. Control the number of senior partners to limit high loyalty bonuses. 2. Loyalty points to be allotted to new partners, only after a 3­year tenure, instead of awarding every new partner with minimum points as opposed to in exhibit 2. And fixed loyalty points to be given after a ten year tenure. This would decrease the points in the seniority period and be comparatively fair than the
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