Branching, Logic And Functions

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Branching, Logic and Functions Katheryn Farney IT3348 Professor Charles Lively Capella University Executive Summary Noname Financial Inc. is a company focused on providing various financial services to its customers, including payroll management. The company is well established and has been conducting business for over 25 years. The competitive atmosphere of the current market, empowered by new technologies and evolving software has driven the company to seek assistance from the Capella Software Development Firm. The company has asked Capella SDF to design and develop a simple software program which will take the input of hours worked and output the weekly gross income based on a 40 hour work week. Capella SDF will…show more content…
As a result of this responsibility, the CIO should be involved in the development process to ensure it meets expectations and is able to be incorporated into the current system at the organization. • Department Lead – The lead for the department which handles the payroll functions of the company is another stakeholder. This department will be the one utilizing the software and the opinion and desires of the lead person within that department should be considered heavily when designing and developing the software. • Chief Executive Officer – The goal of any project within an organization is to meet the expectations of the CEO. Often times the CEO has representatives to speak on his/her behalf; however, his/her opinion should be held in the highest regard, as the funds for the project often requires their approval. • Customer – While his software is being developed for the company, its ability to utilize this software to create happy customers is the end goal. In this regard, the expectations of the customer should be considered to ensure that the software meets all the functionality expected of the customer who utilizes the financial companies services. Collaboration Plan The goal of Capella SDF is to ensure that the maximum collaboration is achieved between the stakeholder and the development firm. This requires an effective collaborative plan in order to ensure that the stakeholders are able to voice their concerns and requirements throughout the

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