Brasil Foods Case Study Essay

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Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and the fifth in the world. Brazil's economy is the most powerful in the region and has a significant impact on world markets due to highly developed agriculture, mining manufacturing and services economic sectors. Brazil is the world's largest producer of coffee and sugar cane, and one of the largest exporters of agricultural products (Business Monitor International (BMI), 2011 1st Q, pp.47-48).
This assignment is about Brasil Foods, the largest Brazilian producer of meat and dairy. Today it has leading position in almost all its domestic sectors and strengthening its presence on the global market due to its potential. The globalization provides company many …show more content…

IHS Global Insight (2012, p27) distinguishes telecommunications sector in Brazil as one of the leading service sectors. The Brazilian telecommunications market is one of the most attractive markets for investors. In March 2011, there was considerable growth in broadband subscriptions in Brazil, reaching 51.5% growth (Business Monitor International, 2011 4th Q, p.41)
Automotive sector of Brazil accounts about 10% of countries export. The production capacity of country is high as in 1990s there was an enormous amount of automakers’ investments. In the result, dozens of new plants were built; it made Brazil the largest South American vehicle market (IHS Global Insight, 2012, p. 27).

Transport in Brazil is developed unevenly; railways are mainly in the east. Sea transportation plays crucial role in the development of Brazilian international trade relations. BMI points on significant losses in production growth that are caused by problems with transportation products to the ports. In example, because of insufficient transportation of sugar for export, Brazil was unable to face the demand growth on sugar as there was massive ports congestion that caused delays for 40 days. Moreover, the second largest Brazilian port was closed due to problems with license (Business Monitor

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