Breast Cancer And Cancer Treatment

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Just the idea of a cancer makes people anxious and terrified. There are many different types of cancers, in which are not less dangerous then the other, if not caught on time. Although it is the year 2015 and there has been an extraordinary amount of medical advances in cancer treatment, there is still no cure. This leads to mysterious thoughts of cancer returning, to people all over the world. Cancer in the bones can play an enormous part in other body parts if not caught on time. Cancers such as breast, lung, prostate etc. can call lead to cancer in the bones. This is not necessarily “bone cancer” itself, but for example, if breast cancer is too far advanced, and it reaches the bones, the course of treatment is not changed, because it still looks and acts as breast cancer. This is called metastatic cancer. Although some may confuse cancer in the bones, and bone cancer, bone cancer itself is different. This is often called sarcoma. Along with sarcomas starting in the bone, it can also start in muscles, blood vessels and fibrosis tissue. The primary and most common type of sarcomas is Osteosarcoma. Osteosarcoma, being the primary bone cancer often occurs in people within the ages of ten and thirty. As a primary bone cancer, an assumption would be made that the higher percentage would be in elders, however they consume a very small percentage. It is also very unlikely for a middle aged person to develop but can happen in rare cases. Osteosarcoma is defined as- a type of
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