British Petroleum : The Top Major Gas And Oil Companies

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Company Profile
British Petroleum British Petroleum is amongst the top major gas and oil companies. Its headquartered in London, England. British Petroleum is also ranked on the sixth position amongst the Gas and oil companies. British Petroleum is also into the production, exploration, distribution and marketing, refining, petrochemicals, trading and power generation(Al-Jubran & Bu Hassan,2009). British Petroleum has its operations in more than 80 other nations. It is the leader in the sector of gas and oil brands as compared to its competitors, and it is most reliable and trustworthy. British Petroleum is the first company which runs as per according with the interest of long run in energy. It has a strong presence in the UK market. It maintains its position being a leader in the market with its appropriate marketing tools and techniques which is not only beneficial for the company but it also is benefited to the customers. It maintains its profits by better usage of its reserves.
The environmental analysis can be understood with the help of the Porters Five forces Analysis for the study of the internal environment of the company and the PESTLE Analysis is studied for the purpose of knowing the external analysis of the company or to know the external environment of the company(Al-Moneef,1998).
Porter’s five forces model Porter’s five forces model explains the internal environment of British Petroleum In UK. It gives information on the dynamics of the company. The

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