Build a Bear

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Individual Coursework: Build-A-Bear Workshop Executive Summary Within this coursework essay, I hope to address the concepts of marketing and operations management and apply it to the Build-A-Bear case study. I will include an example of a transformation process model and explain how it is relevant to this particular company by including the transforming/transformed inputs, the transformation process, and the outputs. Also, I will identify the unique communication method used between Maxine Clark and her customers. Moreover, I will explain how Build-A-Bear contrasts with traditional toy shops by exploring the different marketing strategies used; specifically customer relationships. Finally, I will evaluate the facets of the Build-A-Bear…show more content…
The staff (“the people who operate, maintain, plan and manage the operation” (Slack, 2007) are also transforming resources as they encourage and help the children to produce the end product by assisting with choices and in areas such as the ‘Stitch Me’ section. Finally, the customers are also transforming resources. Not only do they envisage the design of the bear and help to produce their product, but they too are part of the process. The customers are encouraged to have fun and get involved with the operation, this means that the customers leave with a gained experience as well as a product at the end of their transaction. The transformation process consists of the operations management that occurs during the production of the bear. In Build-A-Bear, the customer has control over the outcome of the product, therefore the design and materials used are unique to every customer who enters the store. Once the customer chooses the materials desired, equipment is used to create/manufacture the bear, communication is apparent throughout the process ensuring the bear is up to the customers’ standard. The outputs of the process model are the bears and also the Build-A-Bear experience which is “the experience of participating in the creation of personalised entertainment”; this unique selling point helps to differentiate the Build-A-Bear company from other toy manufacturers. The product is known as tangible as it is physically touchable whereas the
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