Building Information Modeling Protocol Exhibit by the American Institute of Architects

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Published in 2008, the Building Information Modeling Protocol Exhibit by the American Institute of Architects was developed in order to establish guidelines on the use of BIM throughout a project. This is important in that it has addressed several outstanding questions such as, the responsibilities for each element of the model, the authorized uses for the model, the extent to which users can rely on the model, the management of the model, and who takes ownership of the model. After developing a model for a dormitory building that belongs to the Polytechnic Institute of New York University, several examples can be shown that help support the compliance of the Building Information Protocol Exhibit. The responsibility of each individual …show more content…

Another important responsibility function is shown in General Provision 2.1, which states that any issues found within the model by anyone must notify the model element author for the that specific element. The importance of this provision must not be taken lightly, because it establishes a guideline that all parties involved within the creation of the model must report any discrepancies that are found. When beginning the creation of the dormitory, a general mass and size for the building was established within its required location. This pre-conceptual phase helps to visualize the overall boundaries of the project and can be seen as the first level of development. Even the surrounding buildings were created in order to visualize the dormitory within its surrounding area. The next step was to begin the model of elements that pertain to the building, such as concrete walls that were used. Overall lengths and volumes for these elements were established within the building and this would be considered the second level of development. An architect can be considered a responsible party in the first two levels of development. Responsibility for the third level could shift to another party, such as a structural engineer. To further my example, a structural engineer would take responsibility in the development of the structural aspects of the concrete walls, such as establishing the rebar and other

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