The Construction Design And Management Regulations Essay

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Task 3
3.1 Using an appropriate diagram, name the four main parties to the building team.

3.2 State the name of the Regulation which governs their responsibilities.
The name of the regulation which governs their responsibilities is the Construction Design & Management Regulations 2007.

3.3 Explain the legally enforceable regulations which place health and safety responsibilities upon these four members.
Designers must:
• Make sure the client is aware of the client duties under CDM 2015 before starting any design work
• When preparing or modifying designs: take account of any pre-construction information provided by the client (and principal designer, if one is involved)
• Eliminate foreseeable health and safety risks to anyone affected by the project (if possible)
• Take steps to reduce or control any risks that cannot be eliminated
• Provide design information to: the principal designer (if involved), for inclusion in the pre-construction information and the health and safety file
• The client and principal contractor (or the contractor for single contractor projects) to help them comply with their duties, such as ensuring a construction phase plan PDF is prepared
• Communicate, cooperate and coordinate with: any other designers (including the principal designer) so that all designs are compatible and ensure health and safety, both during the project and beyond
• All contractors (including the principal contractor), to take account of their

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