Building Online Evaluation System For The Athens Farmers Market Essay

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First solution is building online evaluation system. Sometimes, lacking consumer service does not means the vendors don’t want to improve their services. The reason is the vendors cannot receive advices from their consumers. Building online evaluation system can let consumers give some feedback or vote for the vendors. The Athens Farmers market manager can build an evaluation system on their website. Every consumers can go to the website and leave some feedbacks for the vendors. Moreover, the consumers for the Athens farmers market can give a store for the vendors such as one until 10. Consumers or managers can use the store to judge the vendors provide good consumer services or not. The vendor who got highest store can get some reward from the Athens farmers market. For example, the Athens farmers market give a poster for the best vendor. In the end of year, the Athens farmers market give a decoration for the vendor who got most times reward. The poster can help vendors attract consumer. On the other hand, it can help vendors improve their profits. Consumers can also know which vendors provided bad consumer services. It will help consumers to choose vendors. The income for the vendors will be affect by this evaluation system. This solution can make vendors have passion to improve their consumer services, and it can help vendors to know some judgements from their consumers.
Belonging to quality of people’s life increasingly, people have high standard for customer service

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