Bullying And Its Effects On Children Essay

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Many people each and everyday deal with some type of bullying. There are two types of bullying, there is regular bullying (more of the physical side) and then there is Cyberbullying which affects people mentally and physically. “It can go on at home or back at school. Cyberbullying is seen more in children 12 and younger and in middle school” (Spectre, 2016). Some people don’t know what cyberbullying is, how it can impact a person’s life and how one can address the situation. Parents sometimes don’t know what to do when their child has been bullied or cyberbullied. I have seen it go on online and during school hours and it is hard trying to get the guts up to go tell someone. I am a victim of both types of bullying. Cyberbullying happens to everyone, doesn’t matter what time of day or day of the week. “More than 16,000 kids are absent from school because of some type of bullying” (Award, 2015). Bullying needs to stop now before it gets worse for all of us. What is Cyberbullying? Cyberbullying occurs when you get bullied with electronics; electronics like cell phones, computers, and tablets that could be used for bullying someone. This can also take place on social media, texting, and on many different websites. “There are many examples of cyberbullying like mean text messages, emails, rumors sent by emails or posted on social media, embarrassing pictures or videos posted online or making a fake profile to harass someone” (Services, 2016). When it comes to telling an

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