Business Climate Of Ghana And Compare It With That Of South Africa Essay

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Table of Contents


1. Introduction. 3.

2. The importance of good institutions. 3.

3. The cost of donig business in Ghana. 3-4.

3.1 The Doing Business report. 4-5. 3.2 The Global Competitive report. 5-6.

4. Comparing The Doing Business report with the Global Competitive report. 7.

5. Recommendations to help improve the business climate. 7-8.

6. Bibliography. 9.

1. Introduction.

African countries are seen around the world to be third-world economies that are still developing. While these countries face obvious challenges there also exist unique opportunities as these developing countries have a lot of potential for economic growth. This essay will look at the business climate of Ghana and compare it with that of South Africa. This essay will

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