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Personally I had a very displeasant experience doing business with Men’s Warehouse. For our wedding I decided to rent the men’s attire from the company, which led to more headache than anything. The day that went in to the store and put our order in, I was a little concerned with how everything was going to work out. This was due to the staff getting the date confused multiple times, incorrect the colors, as well as the attire itself, and payment. We stated multiple times that we would be paying for the entire rental, and did not want anybody in the wedding to pay for anything. To start the spiral of disaster, I received a confirmation with the incorrect date, which lead to me calling customer support to get this fixed. Then the wedding …show more content…

The matter of which a business’s implements customer service has much more effect on the bottom-line that one may think. According to Johnson (2015) a Harvard Business Review study recently quantified the value of the customer experience, demonstrating that delivering excellent support generates high returns. With that being said staff need to be adequately trained on quickly resolving customer problems that may arise. Staff also needs to be made aware of exactly how customer service affects overall profitability for the company. The study came to conclude the top five affects in relation to customer service and the bottom-line. First the study shows that satisfied customers are much more likely to spend more money. Johnson (2015) states the Harvard Business Review study shows that customers who said their experience met or exceeded their expectations spent approximately 140% more than customer who reported a negative experience. Second customers who are dissatisfied actually end up costing the company money by returning products, and exhausting their time with supporting company staff. Third a happy customer tends to be a repeat customer for years to come, leading to an increase in revenue for the company. According to Johnson (2015) the Harvard study shows that members who report high levels of satisfaction have a 74% chance of still being a customer a year later while only 43% who rate

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