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HSC Assessment 1 Apple Research Business Report Business Studies class Executive Summary
Product Differentiation Strategy
Product differentiation aims to have an advantage over competitors by having outputs that are different to others in the market. They do this by making a unique product with leading edge technology. This can be seen with the Iphone and IPod range in Apple. Apple has constantly innovated its products to make it different from competition and better for the environment. Apple has made its packaging smaller so it uses less materials and is more efficient in transport more can be transported at once. The reducing of size can also be seen in the product themselves. The Iphone has become slimmer and more
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Apple has notice the need for ecological sustainability and as a result they have taken numerous lengths towards this. Apple has reduced their amount of packaging of its product. This has led to less rubbish and more efficient transport. They have also done this with their product such as the iPod. By making their product more compact they not only use less materials leading to less waste but they are more desirable to consumers as they are more practical and easier to use. They have made their products out of recyclable material so they can be reused in the future. As well as these length in response to environmental sustainability, Apple has worked to make its operations process produce less carbon emissions and made their products more energy efficient.


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Influences On Apple
Government Policies
The relevant government policies and laws to do with Apple concerns the safety of staff during the operation process and the standard of quality of the finished products. Employers such as apple must have policies and procedures in place to ensure all staff contribute to the welfare of all other employees. The materials and inputs used in the operations process of apple must also be safe as well as the process as a whole. Australian standards will require stores in Australia to be structurally sound and products that are safe for consumers.

Globalisation has seen

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