Business strategy of Carrefour Macedonia

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Business strategy of
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Course: Business Planning

 Founded in 1959
 Europe’s first largest retailer, world’s second largest retailer
 More than 11.000 retail enterprise units, covering 31 nations worldwide  3 main conditions: Large supermarket, Food markets,
Discount shops
 Keeping low prices, good consumer service, comfortable shopping environment

Vision and Mission statements
 Vision statement:
- Carrefour has one simple ambition to be the preferred retailer wherever it operates
 Mission statement:
- Carrefour is totally focused on meeting the
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 New Mission
Carrefour is the retail company that satisfies everyday needs of the customers. We provide high quality products at competitive prices and maintain close customer relationship. The presence on four continents will provide diversification and a fair return on our investors and also contributing to the welfare of the community. We promote an atmosphere that fosters teamwork, trust and support our employees to developtheir job skills. The Carrefour group strives to achieve excellence in everything the
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