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Assignment brief BTEC Higher National Diploma (Business) Level 4 ACADEMIC COLLEGE OF LONDON |Unit Number |1 | |Unit Title |Business Environment | |Name of the Assessor | | |Date of Issue | | |Submission | …show more content…

Usually, adjustments would be made to strengthen the organization on the areas considered to lack the right competences. As a student of this course, you are expected to demonstrate you understand the challenges thrown by the environment within which businesses operate. You are to analyse these challenges and show how organizations are poised to address them without losing focus of the overall aims and objectives of their business. You are to assume you are a manager in the retail giant of your choice, such as TESCO, and together with a team of consultants you have been asked to compile and analyse the pressures and problems confronting your employing organization. You will present these findings in the form of a report covering a range of tasks. Tasks: 1. Identify the mission, objectives and responsibilities of the organization within its environment. • Identify the mission, values and key objectives of the organization and explain how it differs for different organizations. (P1) • Evaluate the extent to which the organization achieves the objectives of these stakeholders.(P2) • Explain the responsibilities of the organization and strategies employed to meet them, towards all stakeholders.(P3) 2. Investigate the economic, social and global environment in which organizations operate. • Explain how economic systems attempt to allocate and make effective use of resources.

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