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The Human Resources Profession Map (HRPM) was created to explain how HR adds value; it was designed by a collaboration of both specialist and generalists working in the UK and globally across private and public sectors. The HRPM was developed by the CIPD.
The design of the HRPM is to be relevant and applicable to HR professionals operating anywhere in the world, all sectors and in organisations of any shape or size. It captures what skills are required for effective and successful HR.
There are 4 bands which relate to professional competencies; they define the contribution that professionals make at every stage of their HR career. The key areas of these bands include service and relationship with clients, activities performed by
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I then access resources such as CIPD website, SAGE helpdesk, HMRC and Internet to prepare correctly documentation.
When preparing any documentation which would include employment law I have these checked with senior staff although I solely draft these.
At band 2 not all the behaviour’s may apply, I would show the following in this professional area:
Driven to deliver: Staff issues are challenging therefore I will investigate these to the best of my ability ensuring the best outcome for the organisation but using empathy to employees.
Personally credible: I keep documentation consistent by using standard company templates/formatting as well as making sure they are sent timely and delivering professionalism to both employees and company.
Courage to Challenge: I have good relationships with senior management and ensure I check my facts so I can challenge things appropriately.
2.1 – 2.3
My role is key for the business I need to be accurate about company policies and systems; I must get it right first time. This has been a huge part of my role recently due to quick expansion which also included a new office. Before this expansion I was the sole administration from day to day operation to HR queries.
My aims are the focus of improving our company HR and gaining the tools to make this happen.
The expansion included TUPE-ing 10 site workers, I emphasise with their grievances and aim to handle these complaints in constructive ways, It is a good

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