Capability And Capacity Essay

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Management of Workforce Capability and Capacity Managing the capability and capacity of the workforce at Mountain View Middle School (MVMS) has several unique challenges. MVMS is in a rural, agricultural setting and enrollment can fluctuate as the migrant laborers move in and out of the area. Also, there is a well-established charter junior high charter school and a newer community charter school which provide direct competition to MVMS for student enrollment. Due to these key factors, managing capability and capacity of the staff and building can be challenging for administrators. According to the principal of MVMS, Wes Jensen, the middle school is fortunate to have some flexibility in managing staff placement (capability) and the …show more content…

This reduces the need for in-district transfers or the possible need for a reduction in workforce only to rehire a teacher with the certification and capability to teach one specific subject. Additionally, a stable workforce increases the school’s ability to maintain daily operations, student expectations, and positive educational outcomes. Preparation for Changing Capacity and Capability To ensure the best possible management of workforce capacity and capability, MVMS and Blackfoot School District #55 (BSD#55) strive to identify potential issues or concerns for each coming school year and the long-term growth trends within the community. Over the course of several years, the district has been able to identify the number of elementary students that will choose to attend a charter school rather than the traditional elementary schools in the district. Additionally, the district is now recognizing that many of these students are choosing to return to the district at the middle school level to have an opportunity to participate in a greater number of athletic and co-curricular activities. A key factor in identifying a school’s needs for the capacity and capability of its staff members is student enrollment numbers. MVMS uses both pre-registration in the spring and an analysis of the enrollment numbers from the sixth-grade class to project the following

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