Career Planning: A Crucial Long Term Decision

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a. Marketers perspective
As identified by different studies; career planning is a crucial long term decision for the students. Institute selection is directly related to the information/ guidance provided by the guardians and parents. On the consumer side, university selection is the loophole and on the contrary side student attraction is the attention seeking problem.
In order to attract the potential consumers (students), the universities are required to focus on the need creation of the students so as to customer acquisition. For this purpose, the marketer needs to provide awareness to their target. Awareness can be achieved by different ways, for this purpose seminars can be arranged that introduce that institute and special features of that institute. Students can also come to know about that institute and services of that institute by means of pamphlets and news on media. After customer acquisition, the marketer is required to provide them with updates for the customer engagement. The customer engagement results from the proper awareness creation. During the information search, the customer finds the information though media and the others. More positive the information about the school, more are the chances for customer acquisition. If a institute is well defined in its rules and regulations its programs then more chance is to win the best place in the market. These requirements all depends on the way of marketing.
For the loyal customers, the marketer is required

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