Caribbean Entertainment Industry

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As we know it, the Entertainment Industry has changed numerous lives in America and the world as a whole. This market has an influential impact on most lives today, by the way of our emotions and perception. We lean to music as our comfort as different artists impact differently; listening to Trey Songs at the end of a relationship and Barry White to set the mood. It is safe to our lives revolve around what goes on in the entertainment industry. The Caribbean has tried on many occasions to produce award winning films,Third World Cop in 1999, Shottas in 2002, Dancehall Queen in 1997, just to name a few. However, those films only left a mark on neighboring countries and a few places in America with Caribbean decent. Attempts were made to produce music and sitcoms which impressed the world but not for a long period; example Dwayne Bravo's "Champion" and to those who remember, "Westwood Park." It is to say that if the Caribbean was to introduce film making, would be a successful business opportunity, one however that will face many callenges. Batman vs Superman, Dawn of Justice, was an incredible movie and left a few heads thinking, if the Caribbean should invest in such industry to catch the world's attention. There are many factors which needs to be taken into consideration to make a decision. Many would ask themselves, "what would be so hard in a …show more content…

Therefore, if any film production is to become successful in the Caribbean, investors and producers should over view the theories of media and society and analyze how functional analysis, agenda setting, uses & Gratification, social learning, spirial of silence, media logic, and cultural analysis would indirectly and directly affect they business and the tragited

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