Carter Cleaning Chapter 7 Case Study

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Chapter 7 Case Study 7-21 Specifically, what should the Carters cover in their new employee orientation program and how should they convey this information? There are several very effective and efficient means of conducting employee orientation. The Carters should open the employee orientation with a greeting or welcome speech. This sets the work environment and helps the new employee feel a part of the team. The Carters should then cover basic information regarding policies and procedures and benefits (paid holidays, tardiness, health benefits, etc.). The Carters need to be sure to communicate that employees do not receive any benefits other than payment and that they are paid on Tuesdays, rather than Thursdays or Fridays which…show more content…
7-22 In the HR management course Jennifer took, the book suggested using a job instruction sheet to identify tasks performed by an employee. Should the Carter Cleaning Centers use a form like this for the counter person’s job? If so, what should the form look like, say, for a counter person? Yes, the Carter Cleaning Centers should use a form like this for the counter person’s job. The form could outline/highlight in a bullet point format some of the activities that the counter person is responsible for. Some of these would include welcoming customers, retrieving customers’ clothes when they come to pick them up, taking different payment methods, and then giving change if necessary make note of their garments, express to them new products or specials, and say good-bye in a nice tone for them to come and visit again. These things would allow the employee to get into a habit of things, and eventually will not need the list and will have it memorized on what things need to be done. The form could also remind employees of the rules they are to follow while working, like no eating, and could also as a reminder to employees to do things such as pick up things/organize the front of the store when necessary. 7-23 Which specific training techniques should Jennifer use to train her pressers, her cleaner/spotters, her managers, and her counter people? Why should these training techniques be
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