Case Analysis - Domino's Pizza

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Communication Case Analysis 1|Page Domino’s Pizza Social Media Crisis Situation Communication Case Analysis The Problem The facts that are connected to the problem find their routes in managing 2|Page communication crisis situations based on the social media. Due to an unpleasant incident in one of Domino’s branches, the managers were cough by surprise and found themselves unable to cope with it instantly and effectively. On Monday, April 13, 2009 two Domino’s Pizza employees posted a video on YouTube showing one of them committing health department violations, like sticking cheese in his nose, spiting in the pizza and other disgusting actions on products that were to be delivered to a customer. By the end of the day, the video was…show more content…
Keeping in touch with local reporters and newscasters, inviting them regularly to company events and developing close relations with Communication Case Analysis 4|Page the media would have given some space for Domino’s reaction. It is very important to the company to create a public relations office that would deal with all kinds of media. But due to the lack of this relationship, 12 hours after the video was posted, the news had already started “bombing” Domino’s in a malicious way, without leaving space and time for reaction. This had as a result for Domino’s to make some wrong moves regarding to customer’s information. They decided to upload a video showing the President of Domino’s explaining and reassuring the customers that it was a unique incident, instead of submitting a formal press release. It is obvious that this action is an after-effect of bad press and public relations. Create a crisis team Communication crisis in organizations is often a preventable situation that can be eliminated before it occurs, if handled efficiently by a group of people within the company. If Domino’s had established a crisis team, the outcomes would be different. This team should be small, agile, alert and easily reachable. They must show confidence and on board with the idea that an effective plan will be put in place, whenever necessary. Each member must have a specific function in potential crisis. Domino’s Pizza is a huge franchise company and the HQ
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