Case Analysis : Lengau Holdings Ltd Essay

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Lengau Holdings Ltd (hereafter “Lengau”) is a mining entity that recognizes that conventional approaches to mineral development that are associated with adverse environmental impacts, social and cultural disruption, and local economic instability are something which should be left in the past. As such the company seeks to create a platform whereby sustainable development is the criteria by which it’s planning, development and implementation is measured.
The company notes that the social challenges which it faces at the Phala #2 mining area (particularly the surrounding areas) deserve paramount attention so as to ensure that operations can take place in an environment which promotes growth and inclusion. This document seeks to determine whether interaction between the mining operation and different stakeholder groups in the area is necessary to mitigate risk and encourage social prosperity.
The topics that will be looked at in this document include: Responsible corporate citizenship and social license to operate; Stakeholder engagement; and benefit sharing.
Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Licence to Operate
To gain an understanding of why community engagement and benefit sharing is necessary in a given context first one must look at the underlying values that drive such initiatives. To this end attention must be given to the concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Licence to Operate (Hereafter “SLO”).
The governance of industries

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