Case Based Pediatrics for Medical Students

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TEST A PRACTICE TEST I Situation 1 – Nurse Mito is assigned to the triage area. While on duty, he assesses the condition of a client with asthma. She has difficulty breathing and her respiratory rate is 45 per minute. The doctor prescribed epinephrine 0.3 mg subcutaneously. 1. The medication for epinephrine injection for the client is to: a. Reduce anaphylaxis b. Relieve hypersensitivity to allergen c. Relieve respiratory distress due to bronchial spasm d. Restore client’s cardiac rhythm 2. What is the initial action of the nurse when preparing the epinephrine injection from an ampule? a. Taps the ampule at the top to allow fluid to flow to the base of the ampule b. Checks expiration date of the…show more content…
Client lying on his right then left side on Trendelenburg position 12. When documenting outcome of treatment, the nurse should include the following in his recording EXCEPT: a. The color, amount and consistency of sputum b. The character of breath sounds and respiratory rate before and after procedure c. The amount of fluid intake of client before and after the procedure d. The significant changes in vital signs 13. When assessing for chest percussion or chest vibration and postural drainage, the nurse would focus on the following EXCEPT: a. Amount of food and fluid taken during the last meal before treatment b. Respiratory rate, breath sounds and location of congestion c. Teaching the client’s relatives to perform the procedure d. Doctor’s order regarding position restrictions and client’s tolerance for lying flat 14. Which of the following is a special consideration when performing postural drainage and percussion? a. Take note of the respiratory rate of 16 to 20 per minute b. Make sure that the client can tolerate sitting and lying positions c. Client has no signs of infection d. Know the time of last food and fluid intake of the client 15. The purpose of chest percussion and vibration is to loosen secretions in the lungs. Which of the following statement is true? a. “Percussion uses only one hand while vibration uses both hands.” b. “Percussion delivers cushioned
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