Case Study #1 for E-Commerce Law

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Case Study #1 for E-Commerce Law This document is a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis of HHI’s, Hal’s Hardware, Inc., proposed electronic commerce website. Strengths The following are the strengths of the proposed electronic website: Ease of transaction Improve accessibility of products Widen area of coverage More visibility and advertisement The proposed electronic commerce website may be very helpful in increasing the ease of transactions since, based on the narrative, the owner plans to add an online shopping feature to the website. Through this, customers no longer have to travel to buy items from HHI. This is in corollary to another strength, which is the improvement of accessibility…show more content…
Websites are also susceptible to online threats such as hackers, who have ill motives for attacking a website. Security is a very sensitive issue for online shopping and providing a modest level of security can add to customer satisfaction. In the Internet cloud, competition is even fiercer because the Internet is boundless and very large. HHI has to come up with marketing strategies that will help it make its place in the online hardware industry. Recommendations Based on the SWOT Analysis conducted above, I came up with the following recommendations: Partnership with advertising/marketing websites should be established to promote the site and increase visibility. There should be exceptions as to what products can be ordered online. For example, online shopping may be limited only to smaller items so that customers will still have a reason to visit the store when buying larger items. Website should include a help section, tutorial section, videos section, etc. where customers can browse for any power tool demonstration, help in tool operation, or training courses. Customers should be encouraged to create accounts on the website to access more features. This is also to reduce the risk of attackers abusing the website. The site should include an online consultation feature where customers can seek for help regarding the products sold at HHI. Security should also be a main focus because increasing the site’s security can
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