Case Study: Making Garners General Hospital

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The planning process is guided by our company’s mission statement, goals and objectives in making Garners General Hospital future goals and objectives a reality. Planning is an ongoing process and can take up to five years as it starts before a system is purchased and begins with assessment needs of the health institution. It provides focus and helps to attain a health information system that meets the health institutions mission, vision, goals, objectives and future requirements. In the planning phase the project request are reviewed by the project manager. The project manager guides all of the subprojects within the overall strategic plan. The project manager also assists in selecting an advisory board/strategic planning team who reports …show more content…

It is the projected plan for integrating the selected system in the work environment. The implementation project leader who is this case is an informatics specialist serves in this capacity. Next a project implementation team or committee consisting of informatics nurse specialist, clinical representatives, managers of other key departments and technicians are selected. The projected plan is then outlined and the budget is then reviewed before following through further. These persons selected as part of the team use the system and can communicate the changes to improve the new system. During this phase policies and procedures and dictionary of terms are developed with regards to the operation of the system as well as system user guides. The implementation team are then given the opportunity to become familiar with the new health information system agreed upon at an offsite training location at Platinum Medical Technologies. The educational requirements and training for staff is also outlined with regards to using the new health information system by the vendor. Platinum Medical technologies will continue to provide the additional staff for training so that the user skills are upgraded the skills to operate and the system to the best of its ability. The users can then communicate the

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