Case Study Of Eau De Lucerne

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1. Swiss Tourism
Switzerland is one of the famous and most visited destinations in Europe. According, to the World Economic Forum Switzerland, Ranked 6th in The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness (TTCI) Index 2015. Moreover, In 2015, totaled 35.6 million tourists stayed in Swiss hotels, in which around 19.6 million were from abroad whereas 11.8 million were from Europe itself (Shao, D. 2016). The major motivations to visit Switzerland are the beautiful landscape, mountains excursion, wellness & shopping. According to Shirley Romano of Chur University’s Institute for Tourism and Leisure Research Switzerland’s fresh air and charming scenery are naturally attract “high-yielding quality customers” who desire to experience Switzerland in depth
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Eau de Lucerne
Eau de Lucerne is a perfume, which is intended to sell as a souvenir for Tourist visiting Lucerne. It is a business plan by the start-up company called The Swiss Experience founded in 2008 by Mr. Stefano Cocchi. Eau de Lucerne is going to be the first perfume to sell as a souvenir that provides the essence of the region. It is going to be a Swiss Made Perfume at relatively affordable price. At the initial stage, the perfume will be available in solo fragrance which manufacturer claims to have a Unisex fragrance.
2. Problem definition
The students from the Lucerne University of Applied Science from Bachelors in Business Development Department had developed a business plan for Eau De Lucerne; it was a well-presented business plan. The report was comprised theories such as innovation strategy/ first mover strategy and differential strategy by M. Porter. The study also consisted PESTEL analysis, 5 Ps of Porter and SWOT analysis for Eau De Lucerne's business
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Furthermore, interviews with tourist that further segmented into two categories traveling with a group and traveling individually; and interviews with souvenir shop owners or their representative will be conducted to gain their perspectives and insight. Finally, extensive research on relevant literature that relates to the thesis will be undertaken.
4. The research question:
Based on the aim and objectives, the following research question will be answered during the course of the study:
➢ What are marketing measures to be taken to increase the brand visibility of Eau de Lucerne in Swiss souvenir market?

5. Methodological

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