Case Study Of Maslow's Theory Of Management

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Topic: “Behavioral theory of Management” ……Maslow’ s theory of Need.
Question No.1 Describe the motivational problem of staff at Aroosh using Abraham Maslow’s Need theory?
In case of saleena at Aroosh club with staff lack of motivation. She started her work with authoritative manner without understanding the staff requirements and their mind. According Maslow ‘theory of Need, saleena could not proved herself a good manger until she understand environment of the club. She can’t be a good leader without her followers so she have to understand how to motivate people with her team work. So in this case saleena should need to understand the need of her staff. Need is a something. and something that we want from our work place. Our needs decided what to do and a good leader is who that satisfies her staff with these needs and the satisfaction of these needs commonly called motivational theory. The theory Maslow s need also called the hierarchy of needs. There are five Needs in Maslow hierarchy that are enlisted here
1. Physiological Needs
2. Safety
3. Belongings and love
4. Esteem
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As a good manager she should be a able to recognize that every person have different nature. So she should be able to recognize that some people came on work to earn money or earn promotion at their work place and some people join a organization or a club to meet people and with personal challenges and sense of achievement. Some people came on work to get experience and get promotions. Another type of people who they came at work place with combination of all these types priorities. Now saleena show her potential to coop with all these type of people if she want to be good manger and want to prove she is a successfully promote her club in productive way. Maslow‘s theory helped saleena by different strategies as described
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