Case Study Of Otto's Weiner World

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Otto’s Weiner World Otto’s Weiner World is blossoming into a bigger and more successful corporation. With this expansion many oversights and variables are going to be analyzed. As the franchise begins to expand the owner Otto, wants his business ran a certain way. The chain will need to employ managers and workers who will uphold a positive relationship with the community. With his current business model to build on Otto can achieve his goal Growth Strategy Otto has built a popular business due to his good food and relationship with employees and customers. He provides a service to consumers which they have responded positively. Now to build on that success he will need a well thought out business plan. In Exploring Business it is said that these plans are a blueprint in which one can build and expand their business. A business must stay true to its core values and have a clear hierarchy to keep it organized. (Exploring Business Chap 5, Pg 42.) In Otto’s case he wants to instill the positive relationship with employees, customers, and his community is achieved. There is no need to stray from the core values because the business has blossomed because of it. Now finding certified employees to uphold the values is paramount to the business along with taking care of their needs. Since food service …show more content…

(Exploring Business Chap 2, Pg 8). Otto as an owner can achieve a good ethical standing by providing safe and good food for his customers. Since he buys the products locally he is more knowledgeable in terms of what was used to grow the livestock or produce. Otto has the peace of mind knowing what he serves his customers are the best he can source. As an owner he is responsible for his staff earnings and making sure they are paid timely and fully. Paying employees on time and in full keeps them happy and less likely to act out on him or the

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