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Career Opportunities in Psycho-Oncology: A New Pathway In Cancer Care

The field of medicine is as vast it can get. With new technology and cutting edge research, there are more and more methods and discipline that are introduced to cure diseases. One such field is that of cancer. Most of these are found and categorized, with the cure and treatment methods devised to make the patient better. One such area, which has been finding a major spot in terms of getting the patient back on track is Psycho-Oncology.

Psycho-Oncology is the field of study that deals with the lifestyle, psychology, and oncology on the whole. It deals with aspects of cancer treatment, beyond the regular norms of medicines and chemotherapy, and focuses on the lifestyle and social aspects of the cancer patient, while focusing on how cancer …show more content…

After which they will have to do a house surgency course following which they can take up a postgraduate course, M.D in Psychiatry. By following this path, they will be certified medical doctors.
After this, the student can take up a post-doctoral degree in Psycho-oncology. It is recommended to do an internship in a psycho-oncology center before they go for their Ph.D.

If someone is interested in nursing and psycho-oncology then they should take up B.Sc nursing right after their XII board examination and follow the with an MSc in Nursing and then take up a fellowship or certification program.

For BA Psychology Graduates
Another career opportunity that one can take up is to take a BA in Psychology, following which they can do an MSc or an MA in psychology and get a fellowship program from a psycho-oncology center.

One can follow up Psycho-oncology for a post-doctoral degree but they will need M. Phil Psychology or M.Sc/MA Psychology with a 1-year diploma in Psycho-oncology and will have to qualify the Net

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